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Girlguiding Lancashire North West
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Some challenge packs have been created by Girlguiding North West Region, whilst others have been created by members of Girlguiding Lancashire North West County!

If you would like further information on any of the Challenge Packs listed here, please contact the resource creator.

Current Challenge Packs

Badges are still available for these challenge packs, so don’t miss out: get your orders in now!

Guys Farm Pearl Anniversary Challenge

In 2017 we celebrated Guys Farm’s 30th Anniversary since the site was officially opened in 1987! Since this time, Guys Farm has continued to extend and improve the facilities and adventurous opportunities provided for all members of Girlguiding! A challenge pack and badge was created to celebrate our county’s activity centre and the vision that a group of people passionate about guiding in this area had back in the 80’s!

Click here for challenge pack

Clever Cogs Challenge

This engineering challenge has been developed in conjunction with Girlguiding North West England and three, young female engineers at BAE systems.

Engineering surrounds us all in our day-to-day lives – even if we don’t always realise it. Although it is a field that is often overlooked, without engineering, the iconic pyramids, Stonehenge and even the International Space Station would not exist. There are also applications of engineering on a much smaller scale – from computer chips to medicines and aircraft to bionic limbs, to name a few. The activities in this challenge are designed to show some of the exciting and useful applications of engineering.

From exploding volcanoes, to mechanical hands, these innovative and hands-on activities aim to inspire the next generation of female engineers and scientists. It also features profiles of some of the world’s most inspirational and pioneering female engineers.

The Clever Cogs challenge is suitable for all sections to take part in. You can choose to complete activities as a Six, Patrol or Unit…or another grouping of your choice!

For more information and downloads click here

Challenge Pack Archive

Please note that badges are no longer available for these Challenge Packs, however we are sure you will still find the activities useful for planning fantastic meetings with your unit!


California Dreamin Challenge BadgeCalifornia Dreamin’ Challenge

This challenge has been created by a group of Senior Section members in order to raise funds for a trip to the California Dreamin’ Camp in the USA!

The badge is about all things California from yummy food, to crafts and becoming a Hollywood star. There’s something for all sections in this challenge pack, so get out your surfboard and your sunglasses and start your American adventure at your next meeting!

Badges are no longer available for this challenge pack but you may find some of the activities useful!

Click here for more information about this badge.


Latest County News

Safe Space Training 2019

26th January- Guys Farm -Level 1+2 (1.30pm-4.30pm)   27th January – Guys Farm- Level 3 ( 1.30pm-4.30pm)   11th Feb – RHQ- Level 3 (6.30-9.30pm)   30th March- Samlesbury- Level 1+2, Level 3   23rd April- RHQ- Level 1+2 (6.30-9.30pm)   19th May- Lostock Hall Guide HQ- Level 1+2 (9.30am-12.30pm)   June- North Morecambe- Level […]

First Aid Training 2019

Saturday 26th January – Full course, Lostock Hall Guide Centre, 9am-3pm Sunday 27th January- Full course, Guys Farm Activity Centre, 1.00pm-7.00pm Tuesday 19th February- Refresher course, Lostock Hall Guide Centre, 6pm-9pm Saturday 30th March- Refresher course, County Skills and Knowledge Day, Samlesbury Sunday 28th April- Full and Refresher course, Lostock Hall Guide Centre, 9am-3pm Saturday […]

Memoirs Of County Weekend 2018

After arriving back home, unpacking my weekend bag and putting the kettle on, I sat down and reflected on the weekend that has just passed. I have only been to Waddow Hall three times, and only stayed overnight in the stables on one such occasion. This weekend provided the opportunity to explore the inside of […]

Guys Farm 30th Anniversary Badges 

We have some badges still for sale from our Pearl Anniversary event. One is the challenge badge and the other is the “Pearl in our eyes” anniversary badge, both priced at 60p. If you would like to purchase any, visit our gift shop next time your at Guys Farm or contact the shop manager – […]


Saturday 29 September – Lancashire East – Venue: Waddow Hall 9.30am-4.00pm- places still available   Motivate is free to anyone who signs up and wants to attend. The training is just the beginning of this exciting project. Travel costs will be reimbursed after attending the training. You can find more information about Motivate by clicking […]

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