Division Commissioner: Pat Brandwood and Barbara Wright – prestonsw@girlguidinglancsnw.org

Indoor Adviser: Maureen Thompson – prestonsouthwestindooradviser@girlguidinglancsnw.org

Outdoor Adviser: Vacant position (Please email division commissioner)

In Preston South West we have 4 Districts, 13 Rainbow Units, 16 Brownie Packs, 10 Guide Units, and 2 Senior Section Units.

The guide units in the Division meet once a term, we have had 2 craft days, bag packing and currently organising a sleepover.

The Rainbows as a Division attended the Rainbow Day at Guy`s Farm, and  Winter Wonderland at Christmas. We will be celebrating the Rainbows 25th Birthday, and having a sleepover.

We are planning a division sponsored walk and events for the Queen`s Jubilee.