Division Commissioner: Gill Steele – chorley@girlguidinglancsnw.org

Indoor Adviser: Margaret Conroy – chorleyindooradviser@girlguidinglancsnw.org

Outdoor Adviser: Ann Wood – chorleyoutdooradviser@girlguidinglancsnw.org

Chorley Division is the southern most division in Lancashire North West. It consists of three districts:  Chorley Valley, Duxbury Park and Heapey Moor.  Each of the districts currently has approximately 13 units which comprise of Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Units. Chorley also has division Ranger unit. We are actively looking to recruit new leaders.

The division regularly contributes to the community of Chorley by attending Civic Parades and Remembrance Parades.  A number of units in the division also take part in their own Walking Days (Procession of Witness) at various times throughout the year.

Each year the division celebrates Thinking Day by holding activity days for the Rainbows and Brownies when a large number of crafts, games, songs etc are available for the girls to join in.  The Guides, Rangers and Young Leaders take part in an evening during the week when food tasting, crafts and other activities suitable for their age are available.

Chorley is one of only a small number of divisions which celebrate St George’s Day with a parade and a service.  Each year this service adopts a different theme and all are invited to take part.  The collection raised at this service is donated to a different local charity each year.

Most units in Chorley meet in school or church halls, and all on a weekly basis.  The majority of units meet in term time only but a small number do meet throughout the year.